$260 OPTION (Frame and mat for 30x18in pieces)
If you are wanting me to take care of the framing, I currently offer one type of frame. It's a black metal frame in a matte finish with glass. Its clean lines compliment the work and has a contemporary feel. It also comes with 3 inches of white acid free matting. The cost for the frame and matting is $260 and is only available for local orders. (Winnipeg/surrounding areas) The outside dimensions of this frame measures 24in x 36in. 
The framing cost for the smaller size of 11x16in is $180.  (frame measures 22 x 18 inches)
The framing cost for the 18x18in art is $240. (frame measures 24 x 24 inches)
$45 OPTION (mat only)
The second option, if you wanted me to cut a mat for you that fits any stock 24x36 inch frame at the store. (Ikea has a nice frame that size and Michaels has a few as well)  The cost for the mat is 45$ and is also only available for local orders. 
All of these options can be purchased directly on the site at the bottom of the "AVAILABLE GALLERY" tab. Only available for local orders as I cannot ship framed pieces. (Winnipeg/surrounding areas)
For more information on these options, feel free to email me at and I can answer any questions. The frames are professionally built by a local framer and I usually have a few in stock in my studio for a quick turnaround.